• Safe Reliable operation
  • Affordable alternative to electronic cruise
  • Easy Push Button Engagement
  • Adjust throttle to any position while engaged
  • Immediate Release triggered by the Front Brake or Manual lever
  • Easy Installation
  • Looks and feels integrated with factory controls
  • Highest Quality Billet components
  • 100% Made In the USA!

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About Us

Since 2001 BrakeAway Products has been providing the highest quality and safest mechanical Motorcycle Cruise Controls available. In less than an hour you can install a system that looks and feels like an integral part of your bike and will function flawlessly for years to come.

No other throttle lock will come as close as the BrakeAway does to providing a real Cruise Control experience on your motorcycle. Achieve your desired speed, push the engage button and you will hear and feel a positive click as the unit engages. Now you can relieve the pressure from your right hand and your bike just keeps cruising. It’s a great feeling on a long days ride.

What makes it even more comforting is knowing that your cruise control will instantly release when you apply the front brake. Unexpected things can happen fast and your first reaction will usually be to reach for the brakes. In a real emergency, you may or may not have time to roll your throttle back or disengage your standard throttle lock. With the BrakeAway your next reaction will automatically include normal throttle control. With safety being the driving force behind our design, we believe that this is a must have feature for any cruise control device on any vehicle.

We are constantly updating and improving our product design based on customer feedback and experience. Our goal is to make sure every BrakeAway customer is happy with their choice to purchase the best Mechanical Motorcycle Cruise Control available.




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